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Millennium Mall, Tahlia Street

Voila is a chocolate parlour in the open-air Millennium Mall on Tahlia; going east towards Medina Road, it is after Le Mall and before the Nissan Infiniti building. To gain access to it on the second floor, you enter the circular tower in the central piazza-like area of the Mall and take the lift; the airconditioned entry lobby for the lift is protected by glass doors and so is pleasantly cool. Exit the lift into another cool lobby and turn right, Voila is located to the left of a large steakhouse outlet. Voila has black glass windows.

Gaining entry into Voila one is in a pleasantly dark, comforting space decorated in chocolaty browns and blacks. Cakes are displayed on the right and breads and croissants, baked daily, displayed on the left, with shelves and stands of various types of chocolates, including cocoa-coated caramelized almonds. The piece de resistance is the grand display of a vast wedding cake surmounted by a life-size, laced-corseted torso that is worth a visit for this feature alone, although, as an added inducement, there is a staircase up to a pleasant café above.The manager and chocolatier, Mr Fabien Winkler, is from the Alsace region of France.

The croissants are excellent, and the miniature Florentines are delicious, although I would have preferred them dipped in dark chocolate, instead of milk chocolate. The drinking chocolate is exceptional, especially the 75% one; the coffee is also good. They offer a selection of petit fours made to look like ‘sushi’ which is an interesting concept and features popped rice. Of the two individual cakes I tried, the Fraser which was decorated with a strawberry, and promised from its name, something strawberry flavoured but the only strawberry in evidence was the one used for decoration. Praline cake was excellent, featuring a chocolate filling under a skin of dark chocolate decorated with hazelnuts. Well worth a second visit.

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