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4144 Batterjee street - Al-Zahra district

Vera Pizza Restaurant

After receiving an invite to check out Vera Pizza, work got the better of me, and I delayed my visit, but when I finally got round to checking out one of Jeddah’s latest Pizzeria’s I immediately regretted this delay. Set on Batarjee street close to the new branch of Palm Beach, and not far from the enormous toy like structure known as ‘China Town’ is Vera Pizza, a small wood fired oven pizzeria with a chic neighborhood vibe.

Smiling staff greeted me on arrival, taking me to a nearby table where after pulling up a chair, I had a quick browse through their menu. The decor is not your typical rustic Italian, but I think this is a good thing, I’m getting tired of faux shutters on walls,  checked table cloths, and hanging garlic, Jeddah is a modern city, so its refreshing to find a Pizzeria that doesn’t throw in the stereotypical Italian restaurant ‘props’. Multicolored glass bottles run along the right side of the interior wall, simple but elegant, while large retro looking lamp shades hang easily over the kitchen counter. Oh and I mustn’t forget the massive metal orb like structure hanging over the entrance, or the stained glass windows on the stairway. If It wasnt for that fresh smell of Pizza, I could almost be in a modern Art Gallery.

Anyway I’m not here to dissect the ergonomics of the furniture anymore than I have to, so I will move on to the food, its good. You should go, no really, you should. Can i stop here? Only kidding… The food is good, and I was pleasantly surprised with everything from the fresh juices, to the hot desserts (more on this later). The Pizza’s are reasonably priced all at around 30 SR, and I tried the Margherita (29 SR), Pepperoni (32 SR), and the Vegetariana pizza (31 SR). With the kitchen on full view Interest got the better of me, and I hopped up to the counter to watch the team at work rolling out the fresh dough in preparation for the pizzas, definitely worth checking out.

Once out the pizzas were literally bubbling, the cheese beautifully melted over a thin crust that was perfectly cooked, not a burnt edge in sight; pizza as it should be. They passed the Margherita test, and from here it was all uphill. The Pepperoni was probably my favourite, but the vegetarian also stood out for the use of fresh vegetables, also worth a try.

To drink we tried the Lemon and Mint (12 SR) and fresh Mango (11 SR), both were good, but it was the desserts that really stood out from the crowd. The Banana Blast (21 SR) is a folded pizza filled with banana and melted chocolate, this was a super way to end the meal, and just when I was hoping for some ice cream to cool things down (as the banana filling is hot!), my Vera-icepresso (17 sR) arrived, a scoop of cool vanilla ice cream, with a small jug of freshly brewed espresso on the side. I couldnt have been happier. My dining companion also tried their signature dessert, the Vera-Tella (21 SR), also a folded pizza, but filled with nutella, and melted tahina, all topped with layers upon layers of hot nutella. This was a rich and heavy treat, but worth every bite, and a definite winner with the kids. All in all, I can thoroughly recommend Vera Pizza, and hope they can maintain their opening standard by keeping up the good work.

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