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Turkish Food Festival 2017

It has been a year since Rosewood successfully held its first Turkish Food Festival. Now, they came back to make it grander and better. A proof that Rosewood gives its guests the finest experience they could offer as they learn and strive to further offer quality events to the people of Jeddah.

To start with, at the entrance is a Sultan wearing a golden robe that covers its black and red inner garments. Last year, there was just a throne for him to sit on. Now, there’s a whole background of a palace-looking room with Turkish couches and Arabian lanterns. Its walls are decorated with intricate designs of windows that looks real once captured and posted on social media by guests. People excitedly go to this area to have their photos taken with the Sultan. It is indeed a great spot to make this even memorable for those who miss Turkey.

Along the sides are the live cooking stations where chefs customize your ravioli, doner kebab, lamachun, and tantuni dishes. After that are two Turkish ladies sitting on the floor with round table and traditional cookware who show how to flatten dough and stuff it with different flavors which are Traditionally done in Turkey streets. Beside them is the ice cream station which is very famous in Turkey. An ice cream vendor usually holds a long metal rod with scoop or spoon at the end which he uses to mix the sticky, but creamy ice cream. Once scooped, he will put it in an ice cream cone and hands it playfully to the customer. The customer holds the cone, but sees that the ice cream is stuck to the rod, the vendor puts the ice cream and then flips it together with the cone leaving the customer surprised to see it all gone and stuck to the rod. The entertainment goes on as the vendor amusingly does it as he sounds the bell with the rod in between acts. It is one highlight that will surely make kids laugh and adults smile.

Some very evident additions to this year’s Turkish Food Festival when it comes to the decorations are the famous photos of landmarks in Turkey which are placed on the walls and at the back of some of the chairs. Another is the red cutting machine for slicing the cold cuts of Turkey near the bread section.

The main highlight of this year’s Turkish Food Festival is the unveiling of the Emperor fish covered with salt and egg white mixture which is a famous traditional Turkish food. The dish looks like a hill of sand surrounded with eggshells that are lit inside. The chef enters the hall pushing a trolley with this dish on top as the guests excitedly take photos and videos as they guess what inside the brown mixture is. It is really a great way of getting the people’s attention. Very engaging.

When it comes to food, a great array of seafood salads is now added to the buffet. One will surely love how the fresh tastes of these seafood namely, shrimps, calamari, octopus and salmon are evident in each plate. For those who prefer vegetables, there are potato and eggplant salads available.

A highly recommended appetizer is the Karniyarik which is eggplant stuffed with ground beef and tomato sauce. That is one remarkable dish that will make people want to come back again. There’s also buttered potato and sautéed mushroom available which will prepare taste buds for the main dishes. For people who wants rice, there’s a vegetable pilaf available. It looks like a simple vegetable fried rice but a little sticky.

The lamb chops for the main dish are bestsellers. One must go directly there as guests lurk into it often. The flavor is well-balanced, not too salty that no sauce is needed to make it taste better. It is not too juicy, but it has the right tenderness. Soft enough for children to bite into. Those who often eat in Turkish restaurants will  find that there’s a similarity on how lamb chops taste thThe simple Poached sea bass with vegetables is also a hit especially for fish-lovers. It has certainly retained its natural flavors even with the inclusion of different vegetables.

The Sweets section displays popular Turkish desserts like lochum , pudding and baklava. These colorful plates of sweets and nuts made the atmosphere of the festival more vibrant. You can conclude meals or pause a little if you want by having Turkish coffee and tea.  Experience Turkey here in Rosewood as they bring you the best of Turkey in Jeddah. They don’t just settle for what has been, but they make sure that this year’s food festival will be better than last year’s. The Turkish Food festival will run until February 8, 2017.


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