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Mall of Arabia, Food court

After my weekly grocery shopping trip, I dropped by Trios to pick up some lunch. I’d been interested in trying their cuisine for a while, and was pleasantly surprised to find them open. (Note: It would seem that Trios generally opens after Zuhr prayers weekdays and weekend afternoons).

An Australian franchise, it is definitely a healthy alternative to the usual fast food options. Trios offers wraps (flat breads with assorted veggies and meats inside, wrapped like a shawarma) with shrimps, chicken, beef, steak, philly cheese steak and traditional shawarmas. On the menu, there is a decent offer of a variety of flavours with Morrocan, Thai or grilled chicken; beef, tuna, shrimp, or just plain vegetarian. As a side offer, you can order a baked potato with cheese (a much healthier alternative to french fries). Or you can opt for a salad with the meat served on top.

What I really liked about Trios is the wraps are appropriately ‘stuffed’. There is the right amount of sauce, meats or seafood, and vegetables so that your tastebuds are not left searching for the flavours, and not overwhelmed by them either. All too often, I have bought wraps where either I am searching for the fillings or the fillings are all falling out the other end! With Trios, I was pleasantly surprised to find the wrap nice and warm and just the way I ordered. My server was also willing to substitute a baked potato with french fries, and I still had the option to have a fizzy drink with it!

Although I haven’t tried it, there are also a variety of salads available with a baked potato. If you are looking for a change from the usual burger or shawarma, I highly recommend trying Trios. It will cost just a little more that a burger meal, but will be so much healthier for your body! I am a great lover of shrimp, and always pleased to find it at a reasonable and affordable price. I would highly recommend the next time you are looking for an alternative to a burger, drop by Trios!

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