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As soon as you enter the doors of the Cheesecake Factory Jeddah, the word opulence comes to mind, the dramatic interiors, the lighting, all takes you far away from the chaos of the outside world (and the traffic jams of Le Mall, as well!)

Greeted by the friendly staff, you are taken to a table and thats when the confusion begins. I say confusion, as the extremely extensive menu features more than 200 selections, varying from salads, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, all sorts of beverages, and a long list of, of course, cheesecakes of every possible kind. Moreover, theres also a Skinnylicious menu, that gives you a lot of choice if you are the type who enjoys eating out while watching your weight. There is a variety of omelets in the breakfast menu, but you can order from the regular menu as well.

Anyhow, the overwhelming choice in the menu made it a bit of a task to decide what to order, but luckily I was with a friend who had been there many times before, and on her recommendation, I ordered the Chicken Di Pana, while she ordered the Rocket Salad. Our drinks were Frozen Iced Mango and the bottomless mango-flavoured lemonade. We were served a plate of fresh, assorted breads with butter and olive oil, which was the perfect way to start off our brunch.

The helpings at the Cheesecake factory are, to say the least, very generous. Even though the salad we ordered was the small size option, it seemed enough for three people! The prices seem a bit high as compared to the other places in town, but the serving sizes seem to justify the tag (whether you can finish the meal or not!) The food was definitely enjoyable, as were our drinks, but we could not even think of ordering any desserts, which is sad, as thats what we primarily wanted to enjoy during our visit there! We did however order some slices for take-away, and enjoyed them for the next couple of days!

For two people, our bill of nearly SAR 300 did seem to be a bit steep for our pockets, but it nevertheless is a good experience to try, particularly if you are in a celebratory mood. Go ahead and give it a try; it wont disappoint you!

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