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Prince Sultan Street beside SABB

There are plenty of the so called “Asian” or “Chinese” restaurants in Jeddah. But somehow the “Thai’s” are left out. There is one restaurant though near to Sari street, but its not that which I am going to pay a visit today.

“Thai Thai” has arrived and opened its door’s recently. It’s interesting to note that in the Singapore slang “Singlish” the word “Tai tai”refers to a woman, usually wealthy, who does not work but spends her time shopping, meeting friends, dining out etc.; a lady of leisure so to speak! But back to the Restaurant:

A typical Asian themed restaurant, with an original Thai interior and a design that almost teleports you to Thailand. The designers made a good effort to remain authentic. Big ornaments on the walls, original copper bells and detailed cushions on the lounge sofas. Dim lighting with tall standing lamps. Pay attention to the small turquoise Elephants on the tables, they are actually Salt and Pepper shakers.
A friendly waiter greeted me and showed me to a table. The tables have a nice setting with earthy colors and Thai style porcellain and silverware.After I looked through the menu it was easy to place the order. There is not a huge selection, but what you can find on the menu is all very tempting. I decided to order a Tom Yum Soup with Prawns, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Steamed Rice and Jasmine Tea. That is pretty basic stuff and if it comes right you can be sure that other dishes are good too.

Soon after I was served a complimentary appetizer of pickled shallots, cucumbers and white cabbage, a good change to the so common prawn crackers in other restaurants. The Tom Yum Soup came in a big bowl with lid, which the waiter removed before serving. Hot, orange reddish soup with lots of vegetables, tomatoes, lime leaves, prawns , lemon grass, ginger and other herbs inside. It was just right, not too spicy and not too mild, a little sour, and the prawns cooked perfectly and fresh. It was also great to see more than the usual ‘token’ prawn, an entire prawn family was in that bowl! and all of them really tasty.

The Jasmine Tea came in a cute pot, a green elephant, an excellent eye for details! The Green Curry was served on a little stove, (a good idea so the food doesn’t cool too quickly) along with fragrant Jasmine Rice. The rice was a little fluffy but not too sticky, Thai rice shouldnt stick like Chinese Rice and shouldnt be too loose like Arabic or Indian Rice. A big heap of rice on my plate smoothered with the green curry sauce and the chunks of chicken filets. Everything you would expect in a Thai Green Curry was there… The green peppers, the chilies, garlic and ginger, lemongrass, lime peel etc. It was delicious! Oh, and for the uninformed, a Thai green curry is a mild one, so for those who like food spicy should probably order the red curry. The serving is good for 1 1/2 people, perfect if you share more dishes with your friends or family.
I had a brief chat with the waiter about the place and found out that the restaurant belongs to the “Gulf Royal” chain, so no newbies to the local food scene, but its not visible at all that they are related. He also mentioned that they opened in April, so they had been around for the past four months.

I wanted to order a classic Thai dessert, Sago pearls in coconut milk and jack fruit, this is a great thirst quencher and extremely refreshing, unfortunatley they didnt have the Sago pearls, so I had to leave the restaurant without getting my sweet kick! I spent SAR 80.00 for my dinner, considering the ambience, quality and service, was very good value. I will be back to try more and next time I am going to get my Sago pearls.

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