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Andalus Street, Jeddah

Ive been to Fridays many times but I hadnt been to the one in Jeddah for quite a few years.The inside is quite big,having both smoking and non-smoking sections.The atmosphere is very American diner-like and the walls are absolutely covered in photos,old signs and random things.

Pretty much like any other Fridays if youve ever been to one outside the Kingdom.The menu is extensive,having appetizers,salads,chicken and meat dishes and desserts.Having remembered that the cheeseburger was good,I didnt hesitate ordering it again after so many years.It was,as expected,much too big for me to finish but it was very tasty.

My friends ordered the Club Sandwich and Buffalo Wings.My friends werent very impressed with the buffalo wings as they were comparing them to the ones they have back home in America. In the same way,the club sandwich was not amazing but still nice none the less.

Being nostalgic for the typical drink I would order when I was younger I ordered the Electric Lemonade.Is it just me or do things always seem to taste much nicer when you were younger?I think I used to just have a very sweet tooth.Anyway,the drink was far too sweet,but im sure they have other things which still remain good.

I always remember enjoying the Mudslide drink.We then ordered what look like dessert drinks.But in actual fact the picture was very deceiving because they looked like actual glass sized drinks in the image,but when we ordered them they were very small.

Like in glasses slightly larger than shot glasses.We had ordered the Oreo mint chocolate drink thingy,I honestly dont remember the exact name.But if you do go you’ll see it because they have images of it on the tables.We didnt mind that they came smaller than we thought,we were glad actually!Especially after out calorific main meals.

I hate to sound so negative but I didnt really enjoy it.My friends did though.It tasted more like chocolatey yoghurt to me.But then again maybe ive just become too picky.The bill came to a reasonably 150 SR for three people.Ill always have a soft spot for Fridays because ive grown up with it,but im sorry to say it did disappoint after returning.

One last thing,I used to always have the oreo ice cream dessert which is absolutely gorgeous.It was far too big and i was far too full for me to order this time.But Ive always loved it.So would recommend that if you happen to go to Fridays anytime soon.

The service was speedy,and the waiters attentive.Its a very family friendly environment and fun for friends to go to in groups. All in all,try it out for yourself.Everyone has different experiences and orders different things!

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