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Gold Moor Mall, Al Attas Street, Shati Dist

On Al Attas Street in Gold Moor Mall in Jeddah, a new restaurant has opened its doors to diners. Its name is Tenidor, and its bound to be a major attraction to residents of Jeddah and its visitors as well. If you are driving in Jeddah these days, you can’t escape the billboard everywhere on the streets. It say “1 Stop….6 Destinations!”, now that is a catchy slogan however you look at it.

Partly curious, and partly bored of going to the same places over and over, we decided to give it a try. So on a Thursday afternoon, I took my wife and headed north toward the restaurant. Unlike the flashy restaurant across the parking lot Papaya, this one looks rather simple and no different from the shops beside it in that Mall. It was almost 5pm, and the restaurant was not empty, but it was not crowded either, which is the ideal scenario for us. Anyway, upon arrival, the host welcomed us and asked us where would we like to sit. We chose to sit beside the window looking on the parking lot. We took a look around, the restaurant from inside is simply decorated, it utilizes wood and stone on the walls and pillars, and its glass windows are left as they are, no drapes or curtains, so the place look roomy and inviting.

There is a second floor but we didn’t go there, and there is a playing area, which would be perfect for families with kids. The tables and chairs are simple, some of the tables are round and some are regular rectangular 4 persons tables.

After we were seated, the host handed me a card with the table number on it, and started walking me through the restaurant and explaining the concept. The restaurant has six stations, each represents a different cuisine; American, Seafood, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Indian. It is an International restaurant with a twist. I will try to explain it the way I understood it. It takes the ala carte concept to the next step, as it operate similar to a cafeteria or a canteen only the food is not ready made. Each station of the six has its menu on the wall and the chef standing in behind the station, you take a look at it and choose what you want to eat, choose how you want it cooked, choose the additives, and the side dishes. After you finish ordering, you hand the chef your card, he swipes it, and your order is placed with the table number. Then you move to the next station and start all over again. After you finish ordering your main dishes, you can also order any appetizer you like while you are there, then you can go to the Salad, soup, and juice bar in the middle of the restaurant. Where you can get your salad and soup, order your drinks, and swipe your card the same way.

As this was our first visit, we tried to not be adventures with our choices. We picked a sirloin steak, with mushroom sauce, with vegetables and mashed potatoes sides, that was from the American Station, then we went to the Italian Station, we picked pasta fettuccine and we asked for it to be cooked Alfredo style with seafood. Then we went to the salad bar, I filled up a salad plate, my wife got a seafood cup of soup, and I got tomato soup. For drinks we ordered sodas.

When we went back to our table, the waiter brought us the soups and he also brought a bread basket with different kinds of bread rolls and slices, they were hot and fresh. My tomato soup and my wife creamy seafood soup both were excellent. The salad was good too. It was not for long before the dishes arrived. The steak was large and cooked to our liking; it was really delicious, and the mushroom sauce complemented it really well. I wish I can say the same about the mashed potatoes, but alas, it was a bit on the bland side. As for the pasta, it was magnificent! It reminded me of the seafood fettuccine that we used to order at the late Paella restaurant, and that brought a smile to my face. All and all, the meal was very enjoyable, and we were very satisfied with it.

Although I felt full, but I could not help myself and walked toward the dessert station, I took a look at it and picked a chocolate mousse glass. It was the lightest thing one can pick from there, the rest were different types of cakes, cheesecakes, and brownies. In a minute the waiter brought it to me, we tried it, and it was nice.

After finishing the mighty meal, we handed the waiter our card, and he went to bring the bill. The bill was SR 203.5 (1 sirloin steak 65 SR + 1 fettuccine Alfredo SR45 + 2 soups SR20 + 1 Salad SR28 + 2 Pepsi SR12 + 1 chocolate mousse SR15= 185 plus %10 service charges). So I would say the prices are moderate and not expensive.

In conclusion, if you are looking for signature dishes and a fancy sophisticated place to have dinner, this place is not for you. But if you are looking for a simple nice place to eat with your family and kids, were you take full control over what you eat and has the freedom to sample different cuisines from al over the world in the same time, then Tenidor in my humble opinion is the epitome of casual dining. A place that offer good food with nice prices and quick and apt service.

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