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Amir Sultan Street

Its cool in the north, thats what came to my mind when my friend and I entered the Singles section of Tche Tche Cafe, which is located on Sultan street, just a little after the roundabout on Heera street on the left side, occupying three lots of a commercial building. I never noticed this cafe before; even I passed by quite a few times. My visit yesterday only happened because a friend of mine mentioned that they have a great menu, friendly staff and good Shi Sha. This was enough to convince me to pay this place a visit.

Before entering the cafe I noticed that they display a big signage, indicating that their place is a smoking place, a health warning and very good, so at least before you go inside you are made aware of the possibility of guest smoking, since this issue has created quite a few discussions in the past.

As usual we were greeted by a waiter and the cafe being almost empty, we had an array of options to choose from, as where to sit and take dinner. Their stone walls in Terra Cotta colored bricks and light brown furniture with red cushions gives one a welcoming feeling. Two flat screen TV’s on both side will make sure that you get the latest sport events while here. When we took place at one of the tables by the wall we immediately received their menus and started browsing through the pages. A very wide selection of food is available. The menu is simple designed and with a couple of pictures very appealing. A big section for breakfast featuring pancakes and waffles grabbed my attention immediately! That would be a nice place for a breakfast, but we were here for dinner and so we had to decide between a good mixes of salads, snacks and appetizer, huge variety on sandwiches and burgers, Pizzas, Pasta, dishes from the oven al forno and a mouth watering selection of grill items.

I wanted to stay away from the greasy and unhealthy food that night and was pleased to see that there were several dishes which are prepared fresh and fit my healthy diet plan. My friend was a little mean and was going to order all that stuff I tried to skip, he could indulge in all that tasty, so beloved food, which I like so much!

I mentioned earlier that its cool in the north, literally their A/C was on the lowest and it was a little chilly, so when we placed our order my friend requested some hot tea, I chose the Four Seasons cocktail and opted for the multi layers version. We also ordered a healthy Ruccola Salad with mushrooms and slices of grilled Halloumi cheese with their house dressing, a sinful portion of chili cheese fries, one healthy grilled chicken with special rosemary sauce, grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes and a sinful BBQ Steak sandwich with fried potato wedges. My friend also ordered an Apple Argeeleh from their selection which also has exotic flavors like Liquorice or Cherry.

The Argeeleh and drinks arrived in no time and my Four Seasons was very good indeed. You could either drink one layer or stir a little bit to enjoy the mixed flavors of fruits such as Kiwi or Banana. The Argeeleh came in a futuristic glass and chrome kinda tube and he was happy with its taste.

Soon our first course arrived and my healthy salad turned out to be a good choice. The portion was not too big and with the sliced Halloumi cheese which was slightly grilled it blended well with the Ruccola salad and mushrooms. The dressing was just a little too sour but nothing major. Same for my friends bowl of Chili Cheese fries, covered in a thick yellow coat of cheese and underneath a tasty chili. There was even a small jar with extra cheese, should the one on top not be enough. Also here, only praise from his side. The waiter then quickly approached our table to enquire if we liked everything, something what I experience very seldom in a Jeddah restaurant, and we nodded that we are satisfied. Thumbs up for that, someone who actually cared for his guests.

While we were still on our appetizers our main order arrived. A little early I thought, not knowing exactly if I should continue my salad or start with the Chicken??? So we both moved our appetizer to the side and started with our main dishes. For my Rosemary grilled chicken it was nicely presented, with two grilled chicken breasts on top of mashed potatoes and smothered with rosemary sauce. Mixed grilled vegetables were on the side. The chicken was not grilled for a long time and it was only lukewarm making it not that juicy as expected but being tasty with the rosemary sauce. The mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables complemented the chicken quite well and a small sesame bun was served with it too. My friends BBQ Beef sandwich was cut into two pieces, otherwise probably being too long to fit on the plate. With a mountain of potato wedges it looked very delicious and I was tempted to from ask him to try one potato. But I was able to resist! He mentioned that it was tasty and a big portion which was hard to finish after having chili cheese fries. I couldn’t finish my meal neither could my friend. It was just too filling. Our plates were cleared quickly, once the waiter noticed that we were done.

My friend ordered another Four Seasons cocktail and we sat for sometime chatting about the past weeks and events that happened and who played well and who not during this World Cup.

While we paid our dinner, which was SR 260.00 for the two of us I asked the waiter since when this restaurant has been open? Over a year already! Unfortunately they dont have a take away menu or offer any delivery; also it is quite a distance from my home just to get there for a dinner. But based on the experience we had I can very well say that this is a nice place for its people living in the neighborhood or working in the near surroundings to enjoy a decent meal with friends or family.

Directions: Amir Sultan Street, after Heera roundabout on the left side. Opposite of Shawarmatec, Vitamn and Quiznos

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