Sultan Al Burger

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Rawdah District, Al Kayal Street

Sultan Burger is a modern take on the local charcoal grill burger chain. It stands out from the crowd for offering good food in a modern setting that could easily rival any of the international franchises present in the Kingdom.

Its great to see a fresh take and branding applied to a local chain. A bright red and black interior sets the place apart, and although it is quite small, theyve managed to fit in a few tables and booths which are available for singles. Currently theres no family section, but most seem to order to go, so this isnt a huge problem.

As you may have guessed Burgers are the focus here, but there are plenty other items on the menu that should satisfy those who are looking for something else.

Onion Rings, Shrimp Sandwiches, Shish Taook, Nuggets, even Steak can be ordered here. As for dessert, although Apple Pies are on the menu, they also offer a pretty good Souffl (or Souffly, as spelt on the menu).

Back to the mains, the Burgers really are something special, we tried the beef, and were impressed. If youre watching your weight a diet burger (or dite  as on the menu) is something you may wish to consider. We tried this and were pleasantly surprised it tasted so similar to the normal cheese burgers, the only noticeable difference was the brown bun (We hope this was not the full extent of the diet element of the burger!

If youre hungry go for the double cheeseburger, this will set you back 12 SR or 16 SR with a meal. The Chips are particularly good, none of those common fried wedges you see across town. As for the Burger, the bread is soft, the meat juicy, and cheese perfect. It is probably one of the better charcoal burgers we have tried of late, and believe me, at Jeddah we have tried a lot over the last week in search of the top burger*.

We also decided to sample other items from the menu, including the shrimp sandwich, which was a little spicy but a steal at only 9 SR, the Chicken Shish Taook was also great value for money at 6 SR and is wrapped in pita bread with chips covered in a special sauce, (this was our favourite of the two).

As for desserts, we were happy to see a local chain going above and beyond the usual offering of an apple pie (although this is still available). The Souffle (10 SR), rounded things off nicely, and while not perfect (a little rubbery on the top), it was still soft and filled with a nice molten chocolate sauce.

All in all you shouldn’t be disappointed with a trip to Sultan Al Burger.

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