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Steak House is a well known restaurant which plenty of people seem to be visiting these days. I however had not visited the place until only recently, when I decided to go for lunch with a co-worker. I had heard many good things about the steak on offer, and being a “steak house ” I assumed the steaks would taste great. So I was keen to test them out, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ as they say, because no one can judge for you, and everyones tastes are different.

As a result, I gave it a shot, accompanied by a friend who is also a big fan of steak.

We opted for the branch in the Millennium center on Tahlia St. It has a great view as the entire restaurant has huge windows which overlook the Tahlia shops.

Upon stepping into the restaurant we were greeted at the door and directed to the family section which was up on the second floor. Passing by I caught a glimpse of the salad bar, although as our time was short I decided to skip the salad and’ focus my attention purely on the Steak, as this would be my first time to try it anywhere.

We decide to sit by the window to enjoy the view and mayhem caused by the rain outside. As we were already seated the waiter brought along the menu and asked us if we would like to start with a salad, our answer was no because frankly it really did not look that appealing to us.’ I opted for the steak with veggies. My friend chose the T- bone with potatoe. For drinks we chose the usual soft drinks.

I really liked the decor and interior of the place, but wasn’t too crazy about the food. The place reminded me of those old cow boy bars you see in films, a theme that was amplified by the huge mugs our waiter served our soft drinks in. As for waiting time, the food took quite a long time to be served. The taste was acceptable but not what I had expected it to be.

This was my very first time to try a steak, and so I ordered it well done. However in my opinion I felt that it was overdone. It found it hard to cut, and the steak dry and stiff. The seasoning was great though, and I liked the black pepper and flavouring they added.

The vegetables were more impressive, cooked well, neither too soft nor too hard, but somewhere in between.

Despite the slight let down of my order, my friend enjoyed her T- bone Steak, it’s her favourite dish as she is a regular at Steak House. She also always orders it well done, but she seemed to enjoy that more than I.

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