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Madinah Road Near Kubri

We dropped by Shami on Madinah Road, and upon walking into the empty restaurant we were greeted by a waiter who passed us some menus, we went straight to the counter and ordered Chicken Shawarmas. These were cut off a large rotating Shawarma being cooked by an electric grill. What was interesting to note is the bread used was a fateera much like what Sindian started a few years back, and.. that after the Shawarma was wrapped in this tortilla like bread, it was then popped in a toaster for a another few minutes to warm the bread. The total cost was 8 SR for this Shawarma, or 25 SR for a Meal. As we were on a night of Shawarma gorging, we opted for just the Sandwich.

The Sandwich comes served in a lime green polystyrene box, which also contains some deep fried French fries and a half hearted attempt at a salad (three slices of tomatoes and a gherkin). The Shawarma itself was pre-sliced which was made it easier to eat, but the chicken inside was quite dry, as was the bread. Some might prefer this, that being said there wasnt as much chicken as there could have been in the shawarma.

Shawarma Cost: 8 SR Marks out of 5 2.5 / 5

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