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Aziziah - Moallifeen street

Shadab is very popular with a lot of Indians specially from Hyderabad for nearly 20 years. Almost all hyderabadis are aware of this restaurant because of its tasty Hyderabadi dishes specially its rich authentic Biryani. For the best Hyderabadi Biryani Shadab is the best place. One visit to this place and the taste will a memorable. I am surprised that Anmol, Royal Plaza or Mumtaz is mentioned while Shadab is missing. One visit to this place will justify this addition.

Shadab is located on Muallifeen street opposite Royal Plaza which is recently opened about 3 years back. In Shadab, besides the top rated Hyderabadi Biryani, dont miss the grilled chicken, dum ka chicken, chicken 65, Bagharay Baigan, Khaliya and Haleem. There are many dishes to taste for and also dont forget the famous Hyderabadi sweets or desserts. for eg. Kheer, famous Double ka Meetha, Gajar ka Halwa etc etc.Shadab has 2 halls for parties, wedding and small functions while they also do catering and are very famous amongst locals.

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