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Al Hamra - Besides Lenotre

Sands is one of the Shawarma joints that we heard over and over again from those who participated in the facebook discussion. Most concluded or suggested it was ‘the’ best in town hands down. It was interesting for me, (myself being a Sindian fan) to see if there was another Shawarma that could possibly be in the same league.
The venue itself is rather awkward, it is a long and narrow shop, that consists mostly of one long counter with sandwich ingredients at one end, and the shawarma making team at the other. The team work well together, each one sticking to his task. One prepares the bread and ingredients while the second cuts off the grilled meat and fills the wraps as quickly as possible before throwing them back on the counter for wrapping by the first assistant.

For a hotel they are reasonably priced, 6 SR is not extortionate, but then you see how small they are, and you feel slightly let down. They are comparable in size to the IKEA shawarmas, and those start at 2SR!

The Shawarma itself is full of the usual ingredients: tahina, gherkins, tomatoes and parsley, along with some very small french fries. Nothing out of the ordinary, and yet somehow the taste is. It really is something else! and if you haven’t yet tried the Sands Shawarma, you really are missing out. I think the small size is actually a good call by the Sands team, as its so small you are left wanting more, I wouldn’t be surprised if it results in more shawarmas being sold (and thus more money being made!). Size aside, the shawarma’s are juicy, full of flavour, simply delicious. has Sindian met its match?

Sands also make some pretty decent Sandwiches. Chicken, Kofta, Steak, and various other varieties are available. After recommendations from Jeddah Food member Mamdooh Al-Radadi on the Jeddah Food Discussion board on Facebook, we decided to try out the Roast Beef, Steak and Haloumi Sandwich. These were all toasted baguette buns filled with a mix of ingredients. The Haloumi Cheese was the simplest, haloumi, cucumber, and tomatoe, and to be honest this was our favourite. While The Beef was also good, it can be chewy, the steak was tasty but pretty salty.

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