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Madinah Rd in front of Gulf Plaza

Saied Restaurant is located just in front of the Gulf Plaza building on Madinah Road, just after King Saud Mosque if you are heading towards Madinah.

The interior is much like that of Al Baik inside, with simple chairs and tables for dining, more seating is available upstairs for families, although at the time of my visit one evening, most people seemed to be ordering takeout. An open plan kitchen can be viewed from the counter where you can see the cook at work with his large metal pots filled with rice and meat. This isn’t a particularly fancy restaurant, but the food is good and it is one you really have to try at least once if you live in Jeddah. The dishes are as local as you can get and come from all over the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, Saudi, Afghanistan etc. Saied serve everything from Chicken Mazgoot, to Mandi, Sleeq, as well as meat dishes like Kabuli and Zurbian. Both of which I tried and were fantastic.

On Fridays they apparently have a special Meat with Rice Hummus dish, which I’m tempted to come back and try. Salads are available like Yoghurt salad, Sesame salad, although I can’t comment on these as I was only there for the Mandi rice dishes.

The Kabuli and Zurbian were as expected, soft, melt in the mouth meat, that just falls off the bone, I really can’t get enough of the stuff. The rice is soft and flavored with cardamom and other spices. The servings are large, so make sure you’re hungry or with a large group of people, and try a bit of everything, it’s the best way to find out which style of meat cooking you prefer.

I also tried some of the Sambousa’ and Manto’, along with one of their desserts: Trumba’. Other desserts like Kunafeh are also available. The Sambousas served were deep fried and pretty standard, whereas all the kabsa and rice dishes were prepared fresh. As for the ‘Manto’ (see image on left) these are steamed dumplings filled with meat, they’re a lot like Chinese dim sum, perhaps slightly thicker, with a meatball at the Centre, they are very good, and surprisingly filling.

Although the logo of Saied appears to be that of a goat and a chicken, I was informed that the meat was all 100% lamb. The lamb dishes are great here, if you want a change from the norm, check out Saieds it’s a meat lovers dream.

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