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If youre a big fan of Mediterranean food then you should be pleased to hear about Romero Restaurant in Jeddah. Like an Andalusian palace, Romero is decorated lavishly; private chambers allow diners to share intimate moments with friends, while ripe red roses are grace each and every table, it seems like no expense is spared.

The restaurant itself is set over two floors and even the staircase is befitting of a palace, glass lanterns hang beautifully from the ceiling, accentuating the Andalusian decor, and as if that wasn’t romantic enough, we were even serenaded by the sounds of opera playing in the background on our visit.

The waiters at Romero are all dressed like traditional butlers and each had extensive knowledge of the food on the menu, which is primarily Mediterranean, and offer further details on the country it originated from.

To start, we were served some complimentary crevettes (that’s French for prawns) in Mango sauce, an interesting mesh of sweet and savoury flavours. From a choice of Pina Colada, Mojito and numerous other cocktails on the menu, I played it safe and ordered an Ice Tea (20 SAR) and a Soda (5 SAR).

Soon after, a selection of fresh bread buns and light, extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia were served. So good were these, they didnt last long on the table. Our chosen Appetizers then appeared, My dish of ‘Grilled prawns with Grilled Watermelon’ (55 SAR) was beautifully presented. It did not disappoint, although for the price the portion was a little on the small side.

For mains, the menu was rich in Mediterranean delights, from Italian risottos, pastas, raviolis, and steaks, to Spanish Seafood & Paellas. Not long ago I tried the best paella ever (to me and a few friends at least) in Georgetown, Washington DC. So I wanted to see how the paella at Romero played out in comparison. This paella (190 SAR) serves two, and like all paellas it took a while to prepare (although time flies when you’re receiving royal treatment).

Once our feast finally arrived, we dug right in, one moment I was choosing a giant scallop, the next, a juicy prawn, with a few spoonfuls of rice with calamari (and the odd mussel here and there) I was in Paella Paradise. So satisfying, and definitely up there with the greatest paellas I’ve ever tried, but nothing will ever top that DC paella.

I had a look at the dessert menu but by this point I was far too full to eat anything else. The waiter noticed that I hadnt ordered anything so
he kindly decided to serve me macaroons on the house! What did I think of them? They were so soft, filled with cream, and hit the spot perfectly. Will I be back? I think so, Romero is definitely one for the books, two thumbs up!

Lunch Times: Sun-Thu   1:00pm – 3:00pm  Fri-Sat   1:30pm – 5:00pm

Dinner Times   Sun-Wed    8:00pm – 12:30am   Thu-Fri   8:00pm – 1:00am    Sat.  8:00pm – 12:00am

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