Jeddah Foods



When does the special offer expire?


The Expiry date of each special offer is shown on the offer page, please check this before you go to the venue. Also note some offers may require pre-booking/ reservations , or may be time or day specific  (E.g lunch only deal on weekdays Рnot weekend for example). Always check the fine print before you set off to your chosen venue.


Do I need to print the special offer for redemption?


You do not need to print the special offer for redemption, as all offers on JeddahFood are normally available for walk-ins at the venue. If you have the offer on the JeddahFood iOs App or Android App, you will have the offer in your phone should you wish to refer to the details at any point.


I had a problem with a special offer.


If you have a problem with a special offer, please let us know by contacting us using the form here, providing details of the issue you faced.