Radhi Hilal

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Ahmed Al Sudayrey St

Despite extensively covering some of the top Shawarma joints in Jeddah a while back, there are still plenty of places across town that I am always discovering.Radhi Hilal Juices and Shawarma is one of these recent discoveries. It had been recommended to me by a good friend, so it was with great anticipation that I set out to try what was said to be one of Jeddahs finest sandwiches.

Radhi Hilal cater almost exclusively to the Shawarma crowd, however they also serve up various other popular dishes, the usual suspects; including Kashari, Foul, grilled mashwiyat (meats) amongst others. However the Shawarma is the main crowd puller here, and you wont have to wait long for it either if you turn up in the early evening.

As with most Shawarma joints, on entry you pay the cashier, we ordered two chicken and meat Shawarmas, a snap at 14 SR. (Meat being 3 SAR and chicken 4 SAR).You then proceed on to the Shawarma counter to hand over the meat receipt to the meat team, and chicken to those attending the rotating chunk of chicken. Both teams have their own unique system, for unlike other joints you may be familiar with, the meat is not the only difference between the two sandwiches at Radhi.

For a start, the Chicken Shawarma comes wrapped in the traditional Arabic pita bread, common across town, and so not particularly different, cobbled together with the usual suspects, tahina, gherkins, and copious amounts of garlic sauce.

The Meat Shawarma however is unique, verging on a sandwich (as its presentation is far from ordinary). Its served in a small and freshly toasted hot dog bun, before being covered in a brownish orange sauce; though not much to look at, the taste is mouth watering  and eye watering if you cant stomach your chili!

It reminded me of a Mexican burrito, as its covered in numerous toppings as well as the Tahina, and the spicy curry like sauce. Just be sure to ask for a napkin, as wherever you choose to eat these, its likely to get messy!

Good cuts of meat and an overall decent shawarma make Radhi Hilal worth crossing town for. Located in Al Salamah District just off Sari Street (turn at Marhaba) the place isnt too difficult to find on Abd Al Rahman Bin Ahmed Al Sudayrey St, although the sign is only in Arabic, so look for the neon lights flashing outside.

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