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Tahleya Street

Pizza Hut from my knowledge is one of the oldest pizza restaurants out there, and yet there is no review or much talk about it on Jeddah Food, so please give me the honor to write about it.

There are a lot of branches here in Jeddah, though I don’t have an exact number. The branch I usually go to is the Tahlayia St. branch, which is by the way the largest Pizza Hut branch in the whole world! What about that. Just entering the restaurant knowing that you are eating in the largest branch there is anywhere in the world gives you a sense of satisfaction even before being seated and ordering.

Once you open the doors to the family section you are greeted by at least two waiters with a smile and ready to seat you. You have a choice of sitting in one of three sections, a more casual setting with the big screen tv on and usually playing sports, a more relaxed setting next to the salad bar with a slightly dim lighting, and finally in front of the kid’s play area, where you can enjoy your meal and watch your children as they play through the windows covering the width of the seating area.

I have to say, I usually order pasta when I go to Pizza Hut, and to my surprise their pasta dishes are quite good, all of then for that matter. First of all the price of the pasta dishes starts at 25SR and does not exceed 30SR depending on the type of pasta you choose. The size is more than enough for one person accompanied by just your drink, no need for appetizers or salad bar for that matter. They have a wonderful seafood pasta, forgive me if I don’t know each dish by name, but I can give you the main idea. They have as I said a wonderful and tasty seafood pasta which was to my surprise quite generously filled with shrimp for such a reasonable price. Also they have a chicken Alfredo pasta dish, a vegetarian pasta filled with a wide range of colorful vegetables. These are the ones I have tried, but I believe they have around 10 different pasta dishes, and of course there is the new Tusconi pasta which comes in both chicken or meat, that also was very tasty but the price was a bit more than 30SR. Maybe because it is a new dish.

As for the pizza itself, I believe that varies from branch to branch. One time I had a super supreme at the Tahliya branch and was very salty and very greasy, while the same super supreme at this small branch in Maccaroni street next to my house had an amazing taste with just the right taste and neither greasy nor salty.

No matter how many opinions you hear about Pizza Hut, I believe it will always remain one of the best Pizza places to eat. Even if you don’t go for the pizza.

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