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Red Sea Mall, Malek Road

pinkberry jeddah red sea mall

Pinkberry has been going global for a while now. After opening in 2005, the chain now has over 75 stores in the US and has gained great publicity from froyo-crazed celebrities. Pinkberry have finally arrived in Jeddah with the Red Sea Mall chosen for their flagship branch in the city.

Having already acquired a taste for frozen yogurt abroad, we were already familiar with Pinkberry having tried it in both Dubai and London (Selfridges). The Red Sea Mall outlet is little different, brightly lit with eye-catching displays of fruit and creamy yoghurt.

The menu has three main varieties of frozen yogurt to try: Original, Green Tea and Pomegranate. If you are unsure which flavor to chose, you can taste a sample of each before you commit, I would thoroughly recommend this! I tried all three, and found the green tea verging on revolting, a lucky escape! The Original was considerably better, and the Pomegranate surprisingly sweet.

As for the taste test, Pinkberry is surprisingly sweeter than other froyo brands. Here at Pinkberry the iridescent white frozen yogurt tasted more sorbet than yogurt. However accompanied by the fruit freshly cut on site the result on the whole was a good one, and if you’re a calorie counter, a small cup of small original contains just 98 calories, which in my book is still pretty good!

If you dont fancy eating your Pinkberry, you can also drink it, smoothies are made fresh right in front of you (with the option to add sugar), or visitors can chose to try their (relatively) new fruit parfait made from layers of fruit topped with a small amount of frozen yogurt.

All in all, Pinkberry definitely has something to offer to the health-conscious crowd of the Middle East, and its a welcome reprieve from the perils of ice cream. Freshberry and Marcels look out..

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