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Corniche Road, next to Jeddah Literary Club

Pie Sweet Pie Jeddah

Pie Sweet Pie - Jeddahfood

A couple of days ago I was heading north to meet my friends by the Corniche. That’s when I remembered about the Facebook post of mentioning Pie Sweet Pie. I stopped by quickly to give it a try.

Its exactly at the location as described, before Starvin and next to Domino’s. It’s on the corner of the building and a big window front makes it even more welcoming. On the outside there are couple of tables and inside runs a long counter by the window with high chairs and a couple of small tables, exactly like a cafe.

The display counter had a few pies on view and another buffet like table was stocked up with different loaves of bread. The big menu on the wall revealed that they not only have pies but also bread, buns, bagels and other kind of cakes. Since the name of the place focus on pies I thought i should try those.

I wanted to order a savory pie, but was told that I would have to wait some time, because they were not yet prepared and I should instead try some of those on display. The cashier ran me through those available, the Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Banana-Macademia Pie and also a more local ‘Dates’ Pie. Those were, according to him, the best selling ones, and that’s why they only had them on offer.I found it a bit strange that his suggestive selling technique, only left me with four options out of a very extensive menu, but there was little I could do, so I ordered one Apple Pie and the Banana-Macadamia Pie. For my drink I went for the fresh Orange Juice.

I asked about the other items on the menu, such as the KitKat Bread and Bagels and once again I was told, that those should be ordered in advance or the day before, so you could pick them up fresh!? The Cashier also mentioned that 95% of customers pre-order and drop by for take out, and not many actually chose to eat their Pie inside. I would have loved to get some Bagels back home, but based on his explanation, I was only going to be trying the two pies I ordered.

The Pies were re-heated back in the kitchen and when they were brought them to my table I noticed that the doily paper under the pie was now completely stuck to the bottom and was not easy to remove. I had to be careful not to accidentally eat some of the paper. The Apple pie tasted, despite the paper, quite good. Big apple chunks caramelized with sugar and cinnamon in a closed pie, the banana pie was more soggy and not really pie like. Maybe because of the re-heating the dough soaked up the mashed banana juice. The orange juice was fresh and ok.

Two pies and a drink for SR 25, not bad but also not really what I expected. Guess I have to call and pre-order before I go next time. This place might be good if you order bread for the next day, but then again, dont most people want to go somewhere and choose from a displayed variety of freshly baked buns etc? I feel undecided if I should return or not.

Toonsla won 500 SAR Worth of Vertigo Restaurant vouchers for this review for being the first person to review Pie Sweet Pie. Ayaa1977 came in a close second with his review in the comments below, so he also walks away with 300 SAR Worth of vouchers. Stay tuned for more contests soon! Winners will be contacted via email.

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