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Gazzaz Building Corniche

When someone says: ” patchi”  , my memory takes me back to a sweet chapter of my past, to my childhood ,and that classic big store in my hometown Makkah that sells lots of high quality chocolates, and other sweet goodies such as “lozzia and “limoneeah” ( that was my mom’s best zone so she could buy all she wanted for our Eid guests), along with memories of the sparkle of their silver or crystal plates ,antiques and wedding gifts.

For me and my brothers our destination was always to the kids section that contained a variety of chocolate (of course) labeled with animal characters that  were called “patchino”. But today as the days pass, patchi have the same taste and the same classic atmosphere they used to. But sometimes I think they should come up with new decorations that changes every once in a while, and some new kinds of chocolates. In addition, patchi is also quite good for wedding gifts that you can be filled with chocolates, and then wrapped as you like, and sometimes these boxes and itmes are reduced in sales  so you can enjoy them for even lower prices!
Now patchi as we all know does have many competitors in the market , but I think that patchi has its own style , or you can say…touch. So, if you want to celebrate any happy occasion from your happy birthday parties to weddings and baby showers, or just want to give a gift for someone you love, or simply treat yourself , Patchi will do that for you!!

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