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2 weeks ago

Cup & Couch
Cup & Couch is not your ordinary coffee house. It goes beyond a cozy restaurant by making the atmosphere more than friendly for customers. The highlight of Cup & Couch is the family area on the second floor where one will see stuff toys and huge cushions or pillows lined up on the right side of the café. Anyone who enters this area will have the kid in him or her jump out of excitement at the sight of such decoration. That’s “part of the concept” is the line that you’ll often hear from the cheerful staff. It also gives customers something to play with while waiting for their orders. Board games, coloring materials, and other activities to do are all available for kids and kids at heart to toy with.
The singles section downstairs is covered with collector’s item looking toys that are really cute. There are ninja turtles, batman & robin, and different miniature animals that will capture one’s attention and will surely be a form of entertainment and a point of conversation while waiting.
There’s no menu given to customers when in Cup & Couch. It’s all part of the concept. They have the usual coffee selections available like chemex, espresso, latte, etc. For the food offered, there are good varieties of salads to choose from like quinoa twist, rocca & roll, tuna temptation, deer fattosh, and roots cesar.
For desserts, they give different cake slices like strawberry chocolate cake, which combines the sweetness of chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of whole strawberry in one. The strawberry fruit comes as a surprise incorporated in the middle of the fudgy cake. They also have date cakes and cookies, but the menu for food is not permanent. They change from time to time to give customers variations every time they visit.
The concept of the place may be different, but it surely brings people closer to each other before they go out. The ambience, with all the toys and games, especially in the family section breaks any silence and immediately starts a good conversation, even with the welcoming staff.

2 weeks ago

One of the worst experiences ever in Jeddah, the place was smelly, and so smoky to the point that you can smell it hours after leaving, toilets and tables were dirty. and considering that we wend there in the afternoon where only four tables were occupied, it took them 38 minutes to serve us the main dish which was completely a disaster as we got our stakes burnt instead of medium well ! on the top of that the waiter brought us our appetizer 10 minutes after serving the main dish and then the drinks.

I don’t recommend this place to anyone under any situation.

4 weeks ago

its across sarry street… bridge … over jarir.. on the right when you are heading to corniche