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2 weeks ago

Very nice welcoming by the staff.Mexican burger with chicken Salad starter and Lemonade very nice
Overall very nice experience

1 month ago

One of the best Italian food restaurants in Jeddah (if not the best). I tried their pizza and Lazania. both are very delicious and you will never go another place for Italian food.

Highly recommend it.

Moe reviewed wagamama

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1 month ago

I know Wagamama from back in the day when it was a happening in Dubai. Going to the Jeddah branch reminded me why I have not been there in many many years. Great atmosphere but mediocre food, and I prefer stunning food with a terrible atmosphere far more than a stunning atmosphere with mediocre food.

– Fried shrimp dumplings: these were actually good and not the type of grilled/fried dumplings you find in many places. This is a deep fried dumpling using the type of dough you would expect for frying.
– Lollipop Prawn: this was cooked perfectly and full of flavor. Add a small squeeze from grilled lemon and it is even more perfect.

Main Courses: (the problem area)
– prawn raisukare: you cant get away with good flavor and skimp out on the amount of shrimp. 6 small pieces of shrimp hardly classifies as a main course, no matter the flavor. Speaking of the flavor its what you would expect of a curry dish, nothing different or special.

– Teriyaki Sirloin Steak Soba: the steak was cooked to order and the temperature was spot on. The flavor of the meat however was not that great unfortunately. The issue was not the seasoning so much as it was the quality, which was unsuccessfully covered by the seasoning and noodles.

– Chicken Ramen: bland and lacking any kind of life.

I will give it one more shot and try some of their other dishes. Given how much we liked the appetizers, I am hoping our selection was the problem and not the restaurant.