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2 weeks ago

Yummy, delicious
the service is great and exceptional.

Affordable & cozy.

1 month ago

food is good but prices are really very expensive and the lounge is in the middle of the mall so i didnt like that

1 month ago

All of my friends and family in Jeddah, who have spent any amount of time in the UK, had been eagerly waiting for Wagamama- a popular Japanese fast-food chain. As soon as we learnt of its opening, we rushed to check it out- the UK-returns to relish their favourite dishes, and me to see what the hype was all about.

For starters, I love its location. With most restaurants opening up in the more popular areas of north Jeddah, Wagamama is located next to the Tahlia walkway, closer to Hail street- suitable for those of us who live on the other side of Sultan Road! The interiors are very stylish and modern. The seating ranges from the communal bars as is typical of Wagamama’s style, to regular booths and tables.

It took us a while to decide on our orders, but we started with the classic starters: spicy Edamame (SAR 26) and the absolutely delightful chicken strips Tori Kara Age (SAR 34). We had barely munched through the starters when our main courses arrived, which looked absolutely delectable. The most popular of Wagamama’s offerings- the soupy Wagamama Ramen (SAR 66), along with our other orders: the tepenyaki noodles Yasai Yaki Soba (SAR 52), Beef Donburi (SAR 56), Katsu Curry- fried chicken served over a bed of rice (SAR 56), and the aptly named, super-spicy Firecraker Prawns (SAR 59), ensured that we were totally engrossed in our food for the next few minutes. We relished all the flavors; the overpowering Umami taste was hard to ignore! Although I did find the flavours of ginger overpowering in my noodles, but the combination of all the other ingredients wouldn’t let me stop from devouring my entire dish! We ended our meal with the popular Ginger Cheesecake (SAR 36)- adding to the already-overwhelming taste of ginger in my mouth!

The servings are quite generous, and the prices don’t seem to be overwhelming, considering that it is a fashionable restaurant. Among the five of us, we spent a little less than SAR 500 on our food and drink, but we found it to be value for money, and left quite satisfied.

One thing we did point out to the manager, who came over to check up on our experience, was that we found the service to be slow. The restaurant was bustling, but not overly busy; yet the waiters needed reminders to get us our menus and take our orders. And although our food came quite promptly, there were no waiters to follow up on the customers. However, to recompense, we were all offered some green tea to culminate our meals, on the house; we were also impressed by their thoughtfulness on getting some hot chocolate for my young son.

Based on our overall experience, I guess we can account the service to teething troubles. Nevertheless, I can confidently count myself in on the list of Wagamama fans, and we definitely see ourselves going back frequently.