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3 days ago

Best japanese food in jeddah

5 days ago

My group lunched here in August 2016. Overall we were disappointed with the lack of knowledge of the waiter who was unable to advise us on our selections; consequently, two of my party who thought they would be receiving a spinach salad in fact received a large plate of lebnah-type cheese with minced spinach sprinkled within it. Another of us ordered Bakla Fave and was given Mung Beans, on pointing this out to our waiter he argued the point emphatically, showing us the menu and pointing at the item, insisting that he had brought Bakla Fave which he had not. The wall decoration of pretty turquoise objects was a delight; but the floor was filthy, covered with sticky soda stains, crumbs and ancient dust under the seats. Nevertheless, the food comes in generous servings, and is reasonably priced.

1 month ago

Amara Cafe serves not only the highest quality, tastiest & healthiest breakfasts in Jeddah; but they also provide the most pleasant environment in which to relax, accompanied by great service. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks that the general standard of service in Jeddah is really poor, so Amara is like a refuge. When compared to the other restaurants in the city, this place is outstanding. Eggs Benedict, Coffee, Pancakes = happiness.