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Andalus Street

I had lunch in Ozone today, at the Ill Villagio Complex on Palestine Street. The restaurant itself is for singles and as such is much smaller than the rest of the complex, and decorated in a more modern style than the others. A rather interesting selection of illuminated cones cover the ceiling and stainless steel lamps line the walls. Not really my choice of furnishing, but I wasn’t there for the decor…

What I did like was the smallish outdoor seating area at Ozone, surrounded with small potted hedges and furnished with wooden tables and chairs. Mist’ spraying fans are provided to cool you in the heat of the summer (something others should seriously consider). It’s a nice idea but I’m not sure it works perfectly as the wind seemed to be blowing the spray away from where the fans were often being aimed.

The Food is Italian like all of Ill Villagio, and I was at a loss what to order, the Manager kindly came over to offer some suggestions. We ordered soup to start, one chicken and one beef and both were excellent. My friend had a taste for some mushroom risotto something that wasn’t on the menu but the chef kindly prepared it anyway. I ordered the Beef Lasagna for my main which was also very good but so large I unfortunately couldn’t manage to eat it all after my overly generous serving of soup. As such I had no room for dessert, although I will certainly return in the near future to sample some.

Throughout the meal the staff were very attentive, topping up drinks, and serving us small complimentary mini h’orderves from the menu which was a nice touch. The music worked quite well for the place and wasn’t too loud, i recall a bit of James Blunt and Amy Winehouse, which was a refreshing break from the norm of Jeddah.

A Large flatscreen TV was mounted on the wall if you were interested in watching the football games, and as we arrived there was some discussion of bringing in some sofas into the central area of Ozone which will probably appeal to the sports crowd.

The waiter was very helpful and even took me on a tour of the executive lounge which is on the floor above ozone, and has a large selection of cigars and shishas for visitors. This looks like a great place to grab a snack and a coffee (if you don’t mind the smoke).

I also passed through the rest of the complex and explored the veranda which looked out on Luigis (a typical elegant Italian restaurant), Tea Rose, and the Sea Food Restaurant.

A Mediterranean BBQ is held each evening from 7pm in the family section veranda and I will certainly make an effort to come back and try this out soon.

All in all excellent food, Ozone is probably great if you want a quiet bite with a friend, and I was very impressed with the food, although after seeing what else is on offer I think Luigis is next on my to do list…

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