New York Cab Pizza

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Prince Sultan Street

Last week my kids where nagging me from the back seat of the car for something sweet. So I thought we would get some cup cakes from the new Munch branch on the far northern end of Sultan street. Right next to it was a pizza place called “New York Cab Pizza”. Looked nice from the outside and even better from the inside. It a small shop and it has an industrial stainless steel working bench and oven. With a limited seating area of some benches. So I took a flyer and went back home.

As I was leaving the employee told me that they deliver. And then he shouted “One size one Price” -  they only sell large (extra large actualy) Pizzas for 45 SR each. On that very night my wife saw the flyer and suggested we give it a try. After some debating with the person we called (surprisingly he wanted us to order a minimum of 3 of these extra large pizzas!), we managed to get our way and ordered one mix pizza (each quarter had different toppings. So we tried their vegetarian pizza, chicken BBQ, Hawaiian and Supreme all in one).

The pizza was delivered in around 45 minutes (impressive since I live on the other end of Sultan street with all its wonderful evening traffic jams). And me and my 8 month pregnant wife started the destruction process of this pie. This pizza was really good. It’s not authentic Italian thin crust pizza (as you can tell from the store name). Rather its a well made American style pizza that to me is better than the others varieties. Very generous on the toppings. The crust is not crunchy nor soggy, just perfect. Best of all, this pie can feed 3-4 people on its own and it only cost 45 SR. Worth a try!

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