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New Openings

Ok, time for another roundup of what (should be) opening soon in Jeddah, here is a list many of you have been waiting for, if you know of another you think we should add to this, let us know, and we will include it here. Some of these have only recently come to our attention, while others have been in the pipeline for much longer.

  1. Fogo De Chao
  2. Nfess Doner (now open)
  3. Hakkasan (Coming in 2018)
  4. Bab Idris
  5. Firin Teriyagi
  6. Heyla Cafe
  7. Sushi Centro (now open)
  8. C.Taste
  9. C.Deli 
  10. Patty & Grill (now open)
  11. Big Chefs (now open)
  12. Brioche Gourmet Eatery (now open)
  13. Toqa Coffee
  14. Luqaimiat
  15. Beans & Blends
  16. Brew 92
  17. Bafarat Cafe
  18. Araek Al Nakheel (now open)
  19. Evet Life (now open)
  20. Pineapple Shop 
  21. Saraya Latif (now open)
  22. Caribbean Catch (now open)
  23. Maestro Pizza
  24. Soli Sushi
  25. Train Station Burger
  26. Dazzle Burger
  27. Sketch Burger
  28. Burger 95
  29. Il Villaggio (New outlet in Rawdah)
  30. Koshari Abu Tarik (now open)
  31. Tea and Falafel  
  32. Red Mango 
  33. Boga
  34. Melt Burger
  35. Keiken
  36. Zero Fat House
  37. Ginger Leaf
  38. Twenty Four Restaurant
  39. Il Caffe Coffee Lounge
  40. Aubergine
  41. Reyhana
  42. Saltz
  43. Karamel Lounge
  44. Palm Restaurant (Novotel Tahlia Street)
  45. Cafe Bateel
  46. Laduree
  47. Entrecote Petit Louis
  48. Rude Shake
  49. The Shaker
  50. Burger Boulevard
  51. Karak and Waffle
  52. Gulnar
  53. Culture Cafe & Lounge
  54. Darat Al Qahwa
  55. Qatarat Specialty Coffee
  56. Dip N Dip
  57. Rustic Grill
  58. Bago Cafe
  59. Abou El Sid Jeddah
  60. The Great American Bagel & Bakery
  61. Shrimp County
  62. Molten Chocolate Cafe


  1. Know another? Let us know in the comments below!


March 25, 2016

Skill on the grill new casual dining bbq restaurant seams to be

Will attract a lot of diners.Meat lovers started to talk

about this new brand allready and they are not even open yet

We been wisphered that while

you will seat arround the grill and enjoy watching chefs cooking

for you! Cant wait…

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September 13, 2015

The world’s famous Fish & Chips, Harry Ramsden’s is opening soon in Jeddah Square ( the new food court in intersection between Amir Sultan St. & Sari St)

As far as I know, they will many different items in the menu such as British beef pies ,grilled chicken , & seafood.

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    March 10, 2016

    Is it Twina?

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August 12, 2015

Sara cafe on Batarji street, very nice place for breakfast or cup of coffee or ice tea. Home made pastry and cakes.

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