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Abdul Maqsud Khoja St, Rawdah

Jeddawians love Munch Bakery! Just the name Munch sends us all into a dessert dreamland! So when we hear of their opening a savory outlet, Munch Maleh Jeddah, curiosity levels are bound to be piqued! Munch Maleh is located off Sary Street, down the road behind Jarir Bookstore, next to (and connected to) the third branch of Munch Bakery. The interiors are nothing to boast about (especially if you compare it to the warm & colourful interiors of the Bakery) but this has its advantages, everything is displayed very simply right in front, and you just point out to what you want!

I had chanced upon some of their snacks twice before, and got to try a few of the items that were served, and wanted to see all that Maleh had to offer. So returning home from work early in the morning one day, I decided to stop by and try a few things out. However, I lucked out as there wasn’t much left for me to try – even before the dhuhr prayer time, all that was available were an assortment of croissants, donuts and ‘Kronuts’… the latest in savory baking. I picked up some of these and went back another day to try their complete offerings.

This time, I got to order a variety of items (all minis)- pizzas, chicken fajita rolls, shawerma rolls, shawerma pockets (both chicken & beef), burgers, canapés, & tuna sandwiches. The prices range between SAR 3-8, depending on the size of the item, with most of them being 4 SAR. Everything (except doughnuts, large croissants & Kronuts) is bite-sized, and if you are ordering a large number, I don’t think this would count as value for money.

Taste-wise, I have mixed feelings about the food. I absolutely loved the Kronuts & Croissants. They are full of flavours and quite filling to have for a light breakfast. As for the rest of the things- the rolls, wraps & sandwiches, I personally feel the ones I tried were lacking in flavour, and were very dry, so there’s room for improvement. Some herbs, seasonings, and sauces would definitely make the little bites go a long way.

If it’s Munch, expectations are bound to be high. So does Munch Maleh Jeddah make the mark? If you’ve got the pocket for it, and have other foods to serve alongside, then go for it! It definitely is something different, and would make a nice addition to a birthday party, a shower, or a tea party with friends.

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