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Basateen Mall, Tahlia St

Melty Bites founded in 2007, it is the first shop to open in Saudi Arabia specialized in the most popular Kinds of cookies that are locally made with international criteria. Our mission is to give every single person the opportunity to taste the real homemade cookies

The quality and freshness of our cookies is carefully maintained by baking them daily on site with fresh and natural ingredients. This is to protect our customers from preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and genetically modified ingredients. We aim to have as big a selection as possible. So far we have launched a variety of twelve different flavors, from the creamy Peanut Butter Cookies to the crunchy Mixed Nuts cookies. You will always meet the taste of your dreams.

Our main attraction is our mini cookies as you can find six different flavors that satisfy all tastes. We also take special orders for all your happy occasions . we started to serve decorated cookies in all decorations, ready in the shop or under your demand. In  Melty Bites we value good taste. We value choice. We value satisfaction. We value perfection. We value health. We value love. We value you.

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