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McDonalds is my childhood to me. I remember I first ate there when I was seven and thats when I fell in love with it. See the great thing about McDonalds is that it combines great service with good-tasting food and a fun atmosphere for the whole family, and thats what makes it a famous brand.

On the other hand many people say its an unhealthy diet, well lets face it all fast-food restaurants nowadays are unhealthy, and thats why you must not make it a habit. McDonalds is great in them days you are so hungry but at the same time lazy to cook, so instead of going to a fancy restaurant and starve until you have a good meal, you might as well stop at Macs and enjoy your taste buds to the fullest and in no time. [quote]

At Macs food is great for both adults and children. The Happy Meal for example is great for kids, it comes with your choice of burger or nuggets, French fries, and a coke plus it comes with a fun toy. As for adults there s many choices of meals, But my personal favorite is the famous Mc Chicken which is simply a burger with lettuce, mayo, and cheese and you can double it up to become the Big Mc Chicken, but whats so intriguing is that those burgers are so simple yet so delicious and thats simply Macs secret.

As for the atmosphere it may be a bit noisy but thats the whole point of a family restaurant cause theres kids, but they can play in the play area made for them, and theres a party area in some branches for Birthday parties. Other than that the sitting area and cleanliness is acceptable.

So I hope I gave you a brief yet helpful review about McDonalds, and I hope you liked it cause am Lovin It>> McDonalds

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