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“If someone’s a glutton, they should come to this restaurant”, groaned my sister, wiping off the last of the Half Meter Kebab from her plate.

We were dining at Khayal, a Turkish restaurant located on Prince Sultan Street. Known for its meter long kebabs, Khayal spoils you for choice by offering an endless variety of dishes. Make sure you come hungry.

The small entrance lobby has fancy, maroon velvet colored sofa and tiled wrought iron chairs and table in case one needs to wait. The circular lights set on the floor and staircase keep changing colors. There are two sides to the family section. One is the indigo blue room for larger gatherings, the other comprises of private booths sectioned off with wooden partitions draped with russet colored velvet. Sunlight bathes the restaurant, making the atmosphere more appealing.

The menu runs on like a short story, with 112 items. We eagerly devoured the mixed salad, comprising hummus, creamy potatoes, muttabal, chili salsa, and tahina, served with hot flat bread sprinkled with sesame and nigella seeds.

After the starter I headed straight to the Khayal Acidic Cocktail, a citrusy blend of Vitamin C fruits. The Sweet Melon juice was smooth and silky, while the Kocktail Juice Levels (strange name, I know, but you’ll see why) was a mix of various fruits with a strong punch.

The Chicken Kubba was as it should be, crisp on the outside, light and fluffy inside. You’ll lap up every last drop of the pale creamy Chicken Soup and savory Lentil Soup. I wasn’t too enthused with Sizzling Chicken layered under bubbling cheese a bit too oily for my taste.

The Mixed Grill, served on a perfectly cooked bed of rice, consists of succulent grilled chicken breast pieces, meat pieces, long Seekh kebabs, French fries and grilled tomatoes and capsicums.

Our group was too small for us to order the Meter Kebab, so we opted for the Half Meter Meat Kebab. The meat was fragrant and juicy, dotted with green parsley. The Kebab Pistachio an odd marriage of meat and pistachios was exceptionally tender with the mellow crunch of pistachios. Even though we were near to bursting, we couldn’t leave without sampling the dessert.

“We’ll never lose weight this way,” I laughed, as we ordered our second Kunafah.

You will swoon over the Kunafah we did. No dish surpassed the breathtaking desserts, Kunafah with cream and ice cream. These small golden discs sprinkled with crushed pistachio in the center are served warm. They are light and airy, with beautifully harmonious flavors merging with the sweet chewiness of the vermicelli. This is a “don’t miss” dish; it will convert anyone who’s not a Kunafahlover. I now go regularly to Khayal especially for the Kunafah and every time I eat it, I feel I’ve died and gone to heaven.

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