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Carrefour Mall, Sulaymaniyah District

A stones throw from my place is the Carrefour Mall which houses a KFC outlet in its limited food court. There isnt much to say about the store except that its counter is noticeably clean and shiny and the food preparation area looks very orderly.

Since I was hungry I ordered the dinner meal which is composed of 3 pieces of chicken, a hefty serving of fries, a bun, a cup of coleslaw and soft drink for SR15. It was served almost right away.

I resisted the urge to devour the chicken with its tempting smell and started with the fries instead. I dont want sloppy fries thats why. I like KFCs fries because they are almost always freshly cooked.

Now the chicken. What I dont particularly like about KFC chicken is the skin. Its not crispy at all. For a huge lover of crispy skin, this ones a letdown. The spicy variant however is crunchy but unfortunately, I am not much of a fan of spicy chicken. Also, the ketchup for the dip is boring. They should concoct something different like gravy, perhaps? On the positive side, I like how their chicken tastes. It is juicy to the bite and is cooked through the bones. Their so-called original recipe offers a distinct blend of herbs and spices and leaves something good to the taste buds.

KFC coleslaw is a favorite. Its neither too dry nor too watery. The balance of sweet and sour taste is just perfect. However, it is worth noting that there were times where I got a cup of coleslaw that was a bit dry. Either it was wrongly prepared or had been in the fridge for way too long.

As if the dinner meal wasnt enough, I ordered a slice of their Chocolate Cake. Im a bit choosy when it comes to chocolate cake but I like KFCs. It is moist just the way I like it and tastes really chocolate-y. For those who prefer something not chocolate, they also offer Cheesecake which is equally good. However, I find serving a tad too small. But still either cake is the best way to cap the dinner.

Before going home, I thought of ordering their chicken-turkey sandwich for take-away. Ive tried it once and I liked it. It has chicken fillet, turkey slices, cheese and lettuce with mayo. The taste of turkey slices complements well with the chicken fillet and the rest of the ingredients giving the sandwich that nice smoked flavor. Of all their burgers, this is by far my favorite. It really is a must-try.

While were at burgers, their Panini is a disappointment. I had craved for it after seeing it on a picture with its sides oozing cheese. Sadly, its just good on paper. Its basically just chicken fillets, pickles and mayo with a garlic-ish taste wrapped in toasted bread. And the cheese? I wondered where it was. I was expecting similar in the promotional photo but I didnt get it. I certainly would not recommend this one as this doesnt give value for money.

In a capsule, although some of its products fall way short of consumer expectations, I still think KFC is a good place to dine. After all, in any food establishments, there are products that will really satisfy you and there are others that simply wont. Personally, KFC is still a place to consider when I need quick-fix for my grumbling stomach as I find their other products good and within budget.

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