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Tahlia Street

With a branch in Riyadh (see review here on our sister site Riyadh Eats), Ketchup Jeddah already has an established presence in the Kingdom. This is their first foray into Jeddah and a welcome one at that. The first Ketchup outlet was opened in the US in 2007 on Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, the chain has since expanded to Washington DC before going global with outlets in both Riyadh, Dubai and Turkey.

As for the food, the menu is primarily international dishes with underlying American tones. So while there are Burgers, Wraps and Sandwiches, there are also numerous Pasta, Steak and Seafood dishes. Finally if you were wondering about the name, yes the Ketchup Jeddah brand is Inspired by the famous condiment, so it’s no surprise the restaurant is a wash of reds and Heinz imagery.

The Breakfast here at Ketchup Jeddah is particularly good, with a wide variety of real American classics. Be sure to try the waffles! For Lunch we can also highly recommend the Burger ‘Sliders’.

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