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Heraa Street, west of Tareekh roundabout.

Juice World is a relative newcomer to the Jeddah scene. If you havent tried it yet, then prepare yourself to be treated to a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds!

The first thing that must be said is that the restaurant is designed beautifully. Hundreds of pomegranates, mangos, pineapples, oranges and other fruits are ingeniously arranged in columns that hang from the ceiling. In addition, the well-lit interior combined with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and huge Juice World sign make the place look inviting to passers-by.

Once inside, you find the menu (available in Arabic and English) contains more than 125 options to choose from. Most of these are fruit juices. Juice World does a good job with the classics lemon mint is just as refreshing as it should be but they also have some varieties you rarely see. The fresh fig is a highlight, as the fig seeds offer a pleasant crunch. Prices are reasonable, at SR 4/6/8 for small/med/large, and sizes are available up to 20 liters (SR 240).

About half the menu is made up of other fruit and drink treats. Fruit salad with ice cream (SR 8/12 for small/large) is very popular among eat-in diners. The fruit salads are available plain or topped with ice cream, kista or cream. And they are loaded with bananas, mango, grapes, apple, pomegranate, kiwi and more.

The various shakes, slushes, and smoothies have whimsical names like Peachango, Espressimo and Purple Haze. There is even a frozen sahlab drink called a Snowball which is something of a house specialty. If youre in the mood for something rich, creamy the Snowball is an intensely flavorful way to fulfill your craving. The frozen drinks are a bit more expensive than the juices, running between SR 12-18 each, though some are filling enough to be meals in themselves. These are not for dieters!

Take-out is the most popular choice, but there are always families enjoying their treats at the seven comfortable booths inside the restaurant. The wait is never long, even at the busiest times. Although it is relatively new, Juice World seems to have a good system in place. The staff mixes up orders with all the efficiency of the finest Swiss watch. On the downside, there are a limited number of parking spots, as the restaurant shares space with a gas station.

Juice World also takes orders for parties, and prominently displays pictures of colorful sliced fruit platters that can be made up on demand. Its easy to see that they can accommodate large orders, given the volume of fruit they handle each day.

Delicious juices, lots of options, a beautiful restaurant, and hassle-free service Juice World has it all!

Address: Heraa Street across from Heraa Avenue Mall (just west of Tareekh roundabout)

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