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Khalidiya Market Opposite from Saudia City

Jolibee is has recently opened their second branch in Khalidiya (the first being in Sarawat – Jeddah International) , however this was the first time I would try their fare, and I must admit, the brand was entirely new to me ( despite being one of the biggest fast-food chain in the world with 1,655 stores worldwide).

I first mistook the joint for a honey shop. Something to do with the bee in the logo perhaps? it reminded me of honey I had as a kid. I’m sure the company made honey at one point! anyway I digress..

If you are driving down Rawdah Street the frontage is quite small, so it looks more like a shop, this is all the more confusing as FedEX occupy the corner shop which divides Jollibee in to it’s ‘L’ Shaped interior, however side street access is available for both singles and families, its not hard to miss, just look for the giant bee standing outside the restaurant.

The chain is actually from the Philippines. and so Jollibee is an ‘American-style’ fast-food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes. This explains the bizarre mix of fried chicken, burgers, creamy macaroni soup, noodles, corned beef and steak. I decided to give their burger a go as it seemed to be the most prominent on the menu, and being a fan of burgers in general I was keen to see if this one might be different in any way from the norm.

The interior is beautifully done (for a fast food restaurant), with bright coloured furniture, booth and table top seating, so in form it is a lot like McDonalds, right down to the bins, but the burgers are quite..quite different. I ordered the ‘Champ’, this is a double cheese burger which came in at 13 SR. If you’re not that hungry the normal burger is 7 SR, or 8 SR with Cheese.

I was expecting a grilled American taste, instead, the pale burger had a much more local and spiced flavour. Dressings include chopped gherkin and white cheese. The taste was far from what I had expected, but it seems to be popular with others. An acquired taste perhaps, much like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it.

As with most new places in town, people turn out in droves, and the location was busy for an early afternoon, if you like burgers, and don’t mind experimenting then give Jollibee a go, if you’re Filipino, then this may be just what you are looking for, providing a taste of home..personally, the jury is still out for me.

They also deliver if you’re interested (minimum 30 SR), see the information section below for the number.

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