Java Lounge

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Palestine Commercial Center

Please Note: This venue has now closed, it remains here as a reference and for historical purposes only.

As soon as you enter the building,you feel like your walking into another senses’. The reason being,the owner of both restaurants is the same individual, therefore the layouts of both restaurants are very similar.The interior is very well designed and quite modern,and the food,I have to say,is excellent.It is of course,incredibly overpriced,so its not a place to go to every other day,but when you do go,it is worth it.The crowd is generally quite young,and its considered to be a ‘cool” place to go.The environment is relaxing, and you have the option of sitting at normal tables,or in your own enclosure similar to a sort of cubicle-like the ones in American diners if you want to have slightly more privacy.These are situated on the ground floor.The menu is quite international,consisting of everything from pizza and burgers,to pasta and steaks and other things you don’t often see on menus.I found it to be a really nice place to go with friends,just to meet up and relax,quite expensive so be warned,but the portions are large for what you pay,so its not like they overcharge and give you a meal the size of your palm.

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