Il Siciliano Restaurant

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Le Mall, Tahlia Street

This restaurant has to be one Jeddah’s best kept secrets. Each time I go there, I can’t help but wonder why it isn’t packed… but it’s obvious that the people who go there, such as myself , are regulars and that they want to keep this place- and it’s ambiance- all to themselves. I am about to let the cat out of the bag!

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a well polished team of waiters who make you feel like you are the only person in the restaurant (in some cases, you may be). Each waiter acts as if they are the duty manager, in fact, they sort of are… the wait staff share the management duties of the floor. As you’re escorted to your table, all the candles around you are lit… your basket of bread is served fresh and warm, and accompanied with a side of garlic butter, balsamic vinegar, quality olive oil and Parmesan cheese. And of course an olive tapanade to die for… sometimes I go just for the starters!

Speaking of starters, I’d skip the traditional calamari there, as it’s nothing to write home about and I’d opt for something light like their capriccio salad. The seafood soup is like a warm hug, but it’s way too filling and will ruin the rest of your meal… and in Jeddah’s hot weather, it makes for a satisfying main dish and not an appetizer.

OK, so now the breadbasket has to move otherwise you’ll never get to order anything! One must decide on what to eat!!! Now what??? While you’re busy making this life altering decision, these lovely service oriented waiters are busy brushing the crumbs off the tables so that you can start your gastric escapade all over again! …. so, let me do the work for you!

Go for the Risotto in Pink Sauce…. It’s rich, but not so rich that you don’t have room for their signature dessert, the Tamer Tart… but first, let me tell you about the risotto! The portion size is perfect if you’re hungry! it’s not so colossal that you have to eat it over 2 days, but it is on the generous side! the sauce is tasty and tangy… it’s creamy with a hint of tomato and oregano and the mushrooms in it are fresh and hand chopped. You can tell that someone actually took the time to craft the dish, it’s almost like your mom is in the kitchen!

Now, let’s fast forward to the Tamer Tart… I am not a fan of dates myself, but this dessert has become my all time favourite in Jeddah! The crust is flaky, Buttery, Rich and served warm… the date filling piping hot and the vanilla ice cream scoop on top sprinkled with cinnamon is just the perfect way to end such a fabulous meal… just remember to ask for 2 spoons… you’ll never be able to finish just one!

Oh, and if you’re into shisha… they offer fabulous shishas as well too!

There, I’ve spilled the beans on one of Jeddah’s best kept secrets… I just hope I am still able to find a table!

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