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Mall of Arabia

It seems that Jeddah has been sprouting with unique finds when it comes to coffee and ice cream lately. The sudden wave of these two gives people many options of places to spend their time hanging out with friends.
The Ice Cream Lab is a new ice cream shop located in Mall of Arabia, just beside Kidzania. The place is literally cool to look at with its light blue and white colored walls, chairs, and tables. The decorations on the walls are screaming with chemistry equations and laboratory designs that you’d think it’s part of the factories partnered with Kidzania. One’s waiting time will surely be filled while looking at every artwork they have.
The counter is lined with three blue ice cream machines where customers will see the actual preparation of each order of ice cream. One will find it very amusing and satisfying to see how milk, as their ice cream base, is turned into an ice cream using nitrogen. They are true to their motto to give the freshest ice cream as they show the customer how their scoops of cold cups of cream are done. The whole process including the topping decorations usually takes 5-10 minutes, but it’s all worth it.
Their best seller, which is a must-try, is the Salt Lick Crunch, which includes fresh organic milk, caramel sauce and pretzels. This is really creamy. This is where the appreciation of a fresh ice cream comes. One will clearly see the difference between a fresh one and a store-bought ice cream. Soft  and velvety creamy in texture.

Another must-try, a highly recommended one actually, is the Lotus Experiment, a simple fresh organic base of milk sprinkled with lotus biscuit. The simplicity of the combination just clicked so well. The semi-sweetness of the crushed lotus biscuit combined well with the creamy ice cream. They also have Cookies & Cream, Yogurt ice cream filled with fruits, Affogato Vanilla which has espresso, Pistadates, and more. These can also come with additional toppings like gummy bears, marshmallows, nuts, Oreos and other sweet treats. The serving is generous enough even for a small-sized cup which is already good for two people. Prices range from 15-30 riyals. Sizes of ice cream cups vary from kids size, small, medium, and large. There’s an additional charge if you want a waffle bowl to come with your ice cream.
Aside from ice cream, they also serve milk shake, where you can turn your ice cream flavor into a milk shake if you’d rather have it as a drink. That one would be great for moms who’d like to have something cold to drink. For dads who came with their kids to enjoy, there’s also a coffee selection to choose from like Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Americano, and Caramel Macchiato. With Ice cream Lab’s fresh, healthy, and organic way of making an ice cream, customers can satisfy their sweet cravings with no guilt.

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