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Hot Waves is one of Jeddah’s latest burger joints to hit the Corniche, Brainchild of Sarry Shabaan, the Burger Joint is different than local competition Mr Shabaan told us because everything is 100% Fresh. “Our meat is fresh 100 % beef 150 grams of premium beef patty (1/3 pound), you can pay anything from SAR 14 up to 20 for the big monster burger BBQ on the grill”. Describing the venture as a “cross breed between a local concept and the offerings of an international franchise” Hot Waves plans to open nine locations within the next two years. “Hot waves is reflection of Jeddah life style , with new flavor and taste and attitude” said Shabaan.

Located just beside Subway and Herfy on the Corniche (See Map in Information Section Below). The Restaurant caters for office lunches, and group parties. Despite being in the soft opening phase, they already are the official sponsors of Harley Davidson, Polaris Club, Jeddah Divers, Kids Clubs amogst others. However it’s not just burgers that are the focus, Hot Waves is going above and beyond the call of duty, and is already distributing free meals to Jeddah’s orphans and other charities as part of their commitment to the local community, it is a novel approach and a welcome addition to Jeddahs Restaurant Scene.

We dropped by early one afternoon to sample the burgers, to find the team still putting up marketing material along the windows. Despite this a member of staff managed to pop out and hand us a menu so we could order from outside.

We chose to order three Monster Combo Double cheese burgers (one with egg) and extra cheese. The combos came with drinks and fries, and are topped with onion rings (see picture below) and total 28 SR each. When the bill finally came after having waited 15-20 minutes or so for the fresh burgers to be grilled, we were a little disappointed to see that we had been overcharged separately for the fries, the cryptic receipt made this all the more difficult as it is all printed in stock codes, that being said the staff quickly retracted the cost of the fries, although driving home we then noticed we had also paid for the drinks separately! so be sure to double check those codes!

That aside, once we finally unwrapped the burgers we were not disappointed, this is how a diner burger should be, juicy, (not too greasy), pure beef, covered in hot melted cheese (not those cheap slices), and seasoned to perfection. The optional egg (2 SR) is a great addition and really topped things off. The Double is a Meal in itself, but if you manage to save some space,the french fries (not wedges) are the best we have come across in a while, seasoned (not really salted), these are large chunky chips you might expect to find at a Fish and Chip shop in Europe.When they say fresh, they really mean it, which is great to see.

While other recent burger openings have truly disappointed us on taste, Hot Waves has managed to focus on the food as opposed to over-kill design of the interior; while the walls aren’t plastered with number plates, that really didn’t bother me, as the burger was far superior to any of the other recent ‘diners’ that have popped up over Jeddah. Burgers are all you can currently order on the menu (Save for the apple pie), and to be honest, that’s a good thing, as it means they have been working on perfecting just the one item, as opposed to over stretching themselves to offer a menu of ‘so-so’ items.

Believe us when we say, ‘ You need to try this’! Currently they only have the single section, although plans are in the works for larger venues elsewhere in Jeddah to include spaces for families to eat in, in the mean time you can still order out (telephone number below). Has Fuddruckers met its match?

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