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AlShati in front of Sherton Jeddah Hotel

Green Island is situated in a vital location on the Red Sea – occupying a huge space of the North Cornish of Jeddah opposite to Sheraton Jeddah hotel.
It’s a complex of 3 different restaurants & café (Al Dana fish restaurant – Hadaek AlBahr (Sea Gardens) mixed restaurant – and the Green island Café with both a Families section and Bachelors section).

Al Dana fish restaurant: Glass cabinets inside the sea. Offer an open buffet 175 SR / person (many kinds of fish grilled and fried, shrimp calamari and crabs) including salads & deserts it is a perfect place for business lunch.

Hadaek AlBahr (Sea Gardens) restaurant: My favorite part – it opens each day from 05:00 pm till 01.30am – 02.30am on Wednesdays & Thursdays. It is a mixed restaurant (Lebanese: the famous taboula, fattouch, sheesh kebab, koftah, shawermah & mesahab). (Chinese: chicken & shrimp with cashew & soup) & finally (Hindi food restaurant: Tikka chicken, koftah and Kebab) plus drinks & shisha. The place is great for families as it is an open area with huge screen there is also a playing area for kids, popcorn, ice cream and sugar candy. The service is self help and there is a min. charge on Thursdays 40 SR/ person. If there is no humidity you can enjoy having your meal while watching sunset so romantic of course, you may give it a try before summer.

The Green Island café (families/ bachelors): Offers hot & cold drinks, meals & shisha.The conclusion is (Green Island) is an excellent place, the prices are affordable but I have one comment – I think they don’t make the best of use of it – as in Jeddah it is airy & refreshing in winter months but the place is not well equipped to face the rain. We had dinner there once in January the weather was perfect and just when we ‘ere about to start eating it rained we had to finish quickly and leave as all others did. They could easily use garden umbrellas and by this way they can also open in the early morning to serve breakfast & brunch for those who prefer to have their meal enjoying the sea view.

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