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Rawdah Street Opposite 'Life' Store

Ganache is a gourmet food store on Jeddah’s Rawdah Street. (Just opposite the ‘Life’ Store). I knew Ganache had a good reputation for their chocolates, however on a recent visit I was surprised to discover that Ganache sell more than just sweets.

Stars and helium balloons adorn the ceiling, while Jars of Mexican chickpeas line the shelves; Egyptian Fava Beans, Turkish Semolina, Biscuits, Spices, Sandwiches, a variety of chocolates, candies, cakes and canapes.It doesn’t stop there, other items are also available like kitchen accessories, bodum teapots, cook books, a variety of tea and coffee, the list goes on and on… and I haven’t even started on the dates and other edible treats Ganache provide.

The dates come from across the country. Their quirkier varieties include chocolate dipped dates, stuffed with halwa tahina, caramel, pistachio, marzipan, and even peanut butter! (my favourite!)/ The chocolates are as innovative as the dates, stuffed with cornflakes, coconut, or chocolate truffle. If you prefer something a little sweeter, assorted candies are also available and sold by the jar.For a more local touch, tiny mamool cakes are available along with a huge selection of halgoom (a popular lebanese nut filled nougat sweet). These are hard to miss as baskets of different flavours cover the shop floor.

Savory nibbles, pastries and croissants are also sold. There’s far too much to list here, but if you have the time, head down to Ganache for a totally indulgent experience.

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