Frost Bite

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Hera Street off of Malik Road

Frost Bite Jeddah

So Jeddah seems to be going Fro Yo Crazy, Frost Bite is another business who has joined the ranks of those serving Frozen Yogurt in Jeddah, an arguably healthier snack than the more traditional Ice Cream or Gelato. Low Calorie and Low Fat means mum and dad have no reason to say no to that second helping!  Just like Pinkberry there are basic flavours of FroYo, then some seasonal ones (Green Tea, Pinacolada, Mango and Strawberry). After a base flavour is chosen, one has a multitude of various toppings (thirty in fact) to pick and mix from and create the ultimate topping. While this isn’t a new concept, it’s refreshing to see a locally created business offer such a high quality product as opposed to the usually imported franchises.

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