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Stars Avenu next to food court

With the summer heating up day by day, ice cream was becoming the choice of desert for me. But having gained a few kilos recently, I had to stop somewhere…then a friend mentioned to me this new frozen yogurt place that opened not too long ago…I was there the next day!

I have to mention first that frozen yogurt is generally healthier than ice cream but it’s not that healthy. It has a number of carbohydrates, calories and fat, it all depends on the how much sweetener the maker puts in his recipe and if he is using low fat yogurt or not.

But back to the cold creamy sweetness that is Fresh Berry. They have 4 flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and plain yogurt that’s a bit tart. Then you can choose your toppings, either healthy fruits or junky sweets like Oreos, captain crunch, fruit pebbles, chocolate chips…etc. Sounds nice right? It is 🙂 They also have smoothies & popsicle, but we didn’t try those yet.

For taste, texture, I give them 10 out of 10. Really good stuff that’s already a success. Good for the franchise owner 🙂

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