Foul Ayam Zaman

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Hamad Al Jaser Street

If you’re looking for something a little more local, tired of all the meaty meals in town, perhaps you’re even a vegetarian, then foul  for dinner may be a nice change from the norm. Few places focus more on their foul than Foul Ayam Zaman (Foul from the Old Days). This little takeout store is located on the tree lined avenue of Hamad Al Jaser in Jeddah’s Rawdah district.

Foul Ayam Zaman

Foul Ayam Zaman - Sign in Arabic

Hardly a place to stop for dinner, the place caters purely to the takeout market, but their specialty is foul and there are two distinct varieties available here.

However one doesn’t simply eat the foul on its own, just like you wouldn’t probably eat a can of baked beans without toast, theres no foul withour tames, and Foul Ayam Zaman have two different types of tamees bread, the ideal complement to this local bean dish. The tames originally from Afghanistan is a pan fried bread cooked usually on a large griddle at the front of the store, freshly made nothing will prepare you for how good this stuff actually is.

The Foul

The Foul

Soft almost pillow like, the warm bread steaming with every tear was hard not to finish as we dipped our way through the two bags of foul. The biscuit variety is also good, and possibly a healthier choice, but it’s the normal tames which is the real star of the show here, combined with the foul the combination is blissful! So simple, but so good!

The Tamees Bread

The Tamees Bread - More Photos in Tab

If you really want to spice things up though, a fresh chopped chili garnish sauce is available only moments away down Darwish Kayal Street at Abu Alaas. Another good port of call for Foul and Falafel Fans, unfortunately they don’t do the tames at Alaas, but a combo trip can make sure you get a bit of everything! You’d be a fool not to!

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