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Fire Grill Jeddah is a Fresh Mex fast-casual restaurant located at Etoile, Malek Road, Jeddah. Neighbouring the Counter, Rossopomodoro, Piatto and Steakhouse to name a few, Fire Grill is in good comany and a welcome addition to the food scene in Jeddah.

This is the second city for Fire Grill to move into in Saudi Arabia, the first being Riyadh, which already hosts quite a few Fire Grill branches. Fresh Mex is something Jeddah has been lacking, so we were thrilled to hear Fire Grill would be opening their doors here shortly.

The idea behind ‘Fresh-Mex’ is pretty self explanatory, Mexican cuisine prepared Fresh, in the same vein as brands such as ‘Chipolte’ or ‘Baja Fresh’.

Customization is key, and diners are able to tailor their meal any way they like it. You have a choice of rolled handheld Burritos, Fajita Rice Bowl, a lighter Salad ,Soft Taco, or a Melted & Toasty Quesadilla.

After you’ve decided on the carbs, it’s protein time, and you can chose from either Fire-grilled Chicken, Chipotle glazed Steak, Lime-Cilantro Shrimp, or Shredded Barbacoa Beef. After which the additional fillings can be added, so there’s organic quinoa, both Brown and White Rice, onions, peppers, organic pinto or black beans, sour Cream, and natural cheese and corn salsa. Last but not least is the choice of sauces, and much like ‘Nandos’ you get options, from the very Mild Pico de Gallo, to a Medium spiced traditional salsa, all the way to spicy hot Chipotle Salsa.

We enjoyed the Chicken, Steak and Shrimp burritos on opening night, our favourite being the Chicken, and were particularly impressed with the staff who walked us through each of the fillings on offer. The Guacamole does cost extra, but is definitely worth it if you want the full Mexican taste. In addition to the meats, we filled up our burritos with brown rice, and black beans, which made for a hearty meal. Those who are on a carb free diet, or want something a tad lighter,  will probably want to give these two fillings a miss and stick to the meat, salad, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. But however you choose to make it, you shouldn’t be disappointed!

One could say this is Mexico’s equivalent of the Shawarma, but a healthier, arguably tastier version with more options.

Check Out Fire Grill Jeddah today, and be sure to leave your review below!

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