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Next to Ramal Hotel, opposite Tahlia Danube

Are you looking for authentic Chinese food? No, not the American-Chinese version that most restaurants here in Jeddah serve, but real Chinese food that you would find if you were to visit China itself. Well my wife, who is Chinese, and I were able to find one in Jeddah.

The restaurant is called Chuns Bistro and it is located next to the Ramal Hotel near the Tahlia Dunabe (It used to be an Italian place years back for those who have been in Jeddah a long time). As we entered the place we were greeted by one of its owners. Mr. Wang warmly greeted and led us up to the second floor reserved for families. The single section is located on the first floor.

The décor of the place is just how you would experience as if you were in China. They even have your typical Chinese chairs and tables. As most meals in China are served family style, each table had a lazy-susan on top making it easier to share dishes. Their menu is professionally done and quite extensive. As we were three, we ordered fried dumplings, crispy green beans, fried beef and rice noodles, and their specialty mixed spicy pot.

The service we received from the Pilipino servers was excellent and the food which was cooked by a real Chinese chef, was delivered promptly and looking delicious. All of us were eager to dig in and try the fare.

The beans were exactly how you would find in China. They had the right amount of spice and crispiness. I didn’t try the dumplings but both my wife and our guest loved them. As for the noodles, they were excellent. They were cooked expertly and had the perfect amount of supporting ingredients.

But the crown of the meal was Mr. Wang’s own creation. The mixed spicy pot was a succulent combination of many vegetables, meat and shrimp thrown in with a perfect level of spice. It was a little hot but not overly and left a perfect level of burn and fill in our bellies. All the food was plentiful with the mixed spicy pot being the largest.

The meal was a huge success. Mr. Wang should be proud of his efforts to transform his new restaurant into an actual presentation of authentic Chinese food. If you are tired of your Chinese food swimming in oyster or fish sauce, give Chuns Bistro a try. You won’t be disappointed.

As for the cost, for the three of us, plus an order of take-out sweet and sour chicken, it totaled 250sr with imported Chinese ice tea included. Give Mr. Wang a call at 0530495333. You won’t be disappointed!

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