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The Courtyard, Rawdah St

Located in the far corner of the Courtyard in Jeddah’s Rawdah district is ‘Chocolat’ Jeddah, a connosieur of fine chocolates. True to Belgian/French design and artistry, Chocolat has used its space very sparingly and incorporated some intriguing artistic works across the store, but the main focus is of course the beautiful display of all their fine Belgian Chocolates. Stepping inside reminded us of the small boutiques you might find in Paris, not big or grand but chic, elegant and quirky.

Be sure to look up above on your visit, the false ceiling in the dining area on the upper level is definitely worth seeing; the melted chocolate like design draping the walls is almost the kind of thing you might expect to find at Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory.

We were warmly welcomed by staff on arrival and immediately invited to taste test some of Chocolat’s chocolate creations. We picked a ‘Noix de Coco’ from the small plate. An indulgent treat, it really was ‘melt in your mouth’, a treat for the senses. A huge variety of hand made chocolates can be bought here, but interestingly, and like Voila (on Tahlia Street) Chocolat also have a dine in menu.

This is; not surprisingly, a ‘Chocolate Themed’ menu, and includes treats such as a ‘Chocolat Breakfast’, ‘Chocolat Desserts’, as well as Hot and Cold Beverages. After placing our order, we were told to take a seat on the upper level, and that the order would be brought up as soon as ready.

The Caramelized Banana Filled Crepe was a delight! Alongside it we also tried the fresh orange juice which complemented the crepe beautifully. We were assured that the juice was unsweetened and all freshly squeezed natural orange (good to know). The espresso in contrast was just strong enough to wash away the orange after taste, and was just the caffiene kick required for a further engagement that evening. So if you have a sweet tooth, or are a fan of Chocolate, this is definitely a must visit. Chocolat Jeddah -the perfect place to purchase chocolates, or just relax with a fellow Chocaholic! Bon appetit!!

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