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    Chilis Grill & Bar is a casual dining family restaurant that serves up hamburgers, ribs, fajitas, home meal replacement & southwestern recipes. Food to go, catering, and party platters. It is considered one of the most wanted restaurants in saudi arabia. Chilis has two branches in Jeddah.

    Sanad Sent us this:

    “I love this cool American food because its Chili and more than spicy. Chilis is a restaurant that is soo beautiful and helpful people in there. Thanks for doing this beautiful restaurant and good luck !!!!:) I love it and many people do…..Its one of my top ten!!!!!!!!!

    Jeddah Food recently decided to drop by and sample some of the items at Chilis and see if they were still as good as we remember. We ordered the cheeseburger, Chicken Fajita, and the Molten Chocolate Fondant. The Cheese burger was juicy, thick patty of meat, topped with a delicious sauce and salad toppings that made it all the more enjoyable, certainly one of the better burgers we’ve tasted in Jeddah!

    As for the Fajita, this was also good, but a little bland before adding the fresh avocado, salsa and sour cream that made the sizzling chicken wraps a real treat. Looks like Chilis still haven’t lost their touch. Service was friendly, but a little slow on our pickup of the takeaway, we waited about 30 minutes instead of the 15 minutes we were told, after finishing off our meal, we managed to forgive them for this ‘slight’ delay.

    As for the dessert, the chocolate volcano looking fondant was really more like a chocolate cake, filled with a buttery mix of chocolate, and served with additional tubs of sauce (Caramel and chocolate) should you wish to add more flavour to the pudding!! We had heard great things of the dish, apparently it even has its own facebook appreciation group, we think we’ve tried better, but then taste is subjective!

    If you would like to review Chilis, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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