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19th Century Burger Jeddah has become quite a hit in town when it comes to Burgers. So when we heard they were opening their second branch in Khalidya – close to some of other popular food clusters, we decided a visit was in order.

The burger market in Jeddah is a competitive one, this second branch of 19th Century opens just down the road from the Courtyards SquareMeater and not too far from Tahlia Street where burgers galore can be found in the nearby restaurants of the Astra Center such as Ketchup, Cookshop & Johnny Rockets. Not forgetting The Counter which is also relatively close at Etoile, Malek Road, as is the Tahlia branch of Fuddruckers.

The good thing about all this competition, is that it tends to raise the bar, and something many Burger joints in Jeddah are missing is a family friendly environment that also caters to the kids. Here, 19th Century Burger ticks all the boxes, there’s a large spacious kids play and party room for children, with a mini climbing frame, a little tikes gym, and a bunch of games, so mum and dad can rest easy knowing the kids will be happy here.

On the same note, the kids menu is good value, with everything set at around 15 SR per item. Of course as a Burger joint, there is little in the form of vegetables here bar the french fries, but I think that’s a given at most burger joints.

We arrived on the opening night to find the Khalidya branch of 19th Century burger heaving. Almost every table was occupied, and the staff were rushed off their feet. Walking down the red carpet (one assumes won’t normally be there – probably more an afterthought for the rains we’ve had this week), I noticed the cashiers smiling and welcoming me to Century Burger.

The menu is pretty easy to take in. There are a variety of burgers, chicken burgers, and fries with and without Cheese. We also noticed some sides that raised our curiosity. Cheese Sticks?

We ordered the Century Burger, and the Country Burger (Double), and also ordered some fries, both plain and covered in cheese, along with the cheese sticks, and a chicken burger.We were told the order would take roughly 10 minutes, the manager however took our mobile number and offered to call us when it would be ready, a nice touch.

10 minutes and a missed call later, we returned to pick up our food. This was waiting at the end of the counter in a large cardboard box. I’m not sure if these were being used just for the opening or will become standard practice, either way it wasn’t the most environmentally friendly use of packaging. To give you an idea the box was big enough to take home a large shop from a supermarket. Branded with the Century burger logo, as we left the store we became a walking advert for the brand – I guess that’s the idea.
But this being Jeddah, it wasn’t to last for long, as we then hopped in our car to take the feast home. We’re sure there will be a # instagram advantage though to this super sized packaging.

As for the burgers, we unwrapped these at home, and tucked in. We were a little disappointed to find the chicken burger missing, and instead we had been given fried chicken strips. Despite the mix-up, these were actually quite good.

The bun is fluffy and buttery, but a little too much so for my liking. More filling than other baps, and perhaps this is a good thing, as the burger patty is quite thin compared to others in town. That’s not to say it isn’t tasty, it is, and the patty is of a good quality. There’s also some great burger and fries sauce that comes with each order (but it’s on the side), I found overall the burger a little greasier than I am used to, but sometimes we all need a bit of grease! The same could be said of Johnny Rockets for example, and Shake Shack.

Perhaps I should have added the sauce onto the burger, instead I used it as a dip for the fries, either way I was not able to finish both my double Country Burger and the Century Burger,  perhaps too greedy a challenge!

The fries come served in large paper cones, that reminded me of the newspaper used to wrap up fish and chips in England, these were tasty, and the cheesey topped fries sprinkled with cuts of beef bacon looked great, but the cheese was a runny bright orange variety (reminded me of cheese from a can), and I’m not a huge fan, so would have preferred real melted cheese on our fries.

Will we be back? Probably, the prices merit a return visit, with the Century Burger priced at only 22 SR, and the Country Burger at 25 SR, a family of four can probably eat for less than 100 SR here if they’re careful. I’m also curious to find out what the Chicken burger is like now, will keep you posted!

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